Walchand Centre for Research in Nanotechnology & Bionanotechnology (WCRNB) impelled by the knowledge of Maharshi Kanad & vision of Richard Feynman, WCRNB is a step towards including the knowledge of Nanotechnology & Bionanotechnology in the budding scientists of India. This research center is supported by the progressive group of Walchand education & the Nano-technologists Dr. Madhuri Sharon & Prof. Maheshwar Sharon.


Our VISION encompasses small ideas that change the world by creating multidisciplinary program leveraging all branches of science in order to build competence and capability in nanotechnologies that will help to ensure the global future competitiveness.

“Our Vision is based on the belief that next big things are very small”.


The MISSION of WCRNB is to be a major player within the international community in the research and development of Nanotechnologies. We wish to achieve it by taking a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to Nanotechnology. The plan will foster academic excellence. It will ensure that world-class research and development facilities are available from academic institutions to industry. This mission is with a strong focus on supporting the future economic strategy of India by transferring technologies from the research community to industry.

“Our Mission is supporting the science of the ultra-small for the benefit of all”.