Our areas of research interest

i. Biogenic fabrication of metal nanoparticles

ii. Chemical synthesis of metal nanoparticles

iii. Synthesis of Carbon dots

iv. Synthesis of nanocomposites of mesoporous silica and its conjugates with nano gold and carbon quantum dots

v. Drug Delivery using Nanotechnology for cancer & neurodegenerative (Schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s ) diseases

vi. SPIONS for photothermal therapy of cancer

vii. Fabrication of nano-biosensor

viii. Cytotoxicity studies to nanoparticles

ix. Fabrication of CNM (carbon nano materials) like CNT, CNF, CNB etc.

x. Carbon Quantum dots’s for drug & nutrient delivery in plants and animals.

xi. Dye Sensitized Solar Cell

xii. Photovoltaic solar cell

xiii. CNM for hydrogen storage

xiv. CNM as scaffold & sterilant for burn-wound protection

xv. Use of CNM in water-filtration system, using its photocatalytic properties